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Lisa Thompson, CEO of RSVP, introduces you to the DoH funded Transformation Project. This was a project in 2016 to 2017 where a number of agencies worked in partnership to improve support for sexually abused children in Birmingham . We led on the production of training and resources and are proud to introduce you to the project and our films. 


LGBT Community 🏳️‍🌈 

RSVP’s specialist LGBT Independent Sexual Violence Advocates Bev and Mark talk about how sexual abuse, violence and trauma can affect members of the LGBT community. They share some tips about how you can ensure that sensitive, appropriate and inclusive support is given to LGBT survivors . You can also find out more about our LGBT ISVA service.


Support during and after disclosure

RSVP Counsellors Fran Ford, Margaretta Vauls and Stephen Tallett talk about how children and young people can be supported during and after a disclosure of sexual abuse, so they feel supported, believed and listened to.



RSVP’s CEO Lisa Thompson and Children’s Independent Sexual Violence Advocate and Counsellor Margaretta Vauls talk about how important it is to reflect on the language we use when we speak to, and about, people who have experienced any kind of sexual violence or abuse.  


Autonomy and Self Belief

RSVP Counsellors Fran Ford and Margaretta Vauls talk about the importance of autonomy and self belief.


Gangs and Organised Abuse

Rachel Hopper, CSE Regional Implementation Officer talks about the impact of gangs and organised abuse.

More films will be added soon – watch this space!