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Children & Young People’s Advocacy

We offer help called advocacy if you are between 5 and 18 and have reported to the police.  Our trained staff are called advocates and as well as supporting you, they can also help your family and friends through police and court processes.

Our advocates make sure your voice is heard; they will help you understand what people are saying to you and help you say what you want to say.  They will make sure your needs are met and that you are listened to.

If you are 18 and over please visit our Adult Advocacy page.

We can support you by:

– Ensuring your individual views, opinions, wishes and needs are understood, respected, listened to and met by all the agencies supporting you.

– Offering crisis support, or answering any question, worry or concern you might have which relates to the sexual abuse you’ve experienced.

– Giving you information if you’re unsure of whether you want to report to the police or not.

– Offering emotional and practical help if you have already reported to ensure you understand and receive your legal rights and entitlements, e.g. special measures in court where you give evidence from behind a screen or via a video link.

– Offering compassionate support to the people who are supporting you, your partner, family and friends, so that they can better support you.

– Talking to school or college for you

– Arranging appointments, referring you, or possibly going with you, to other support services, such as Umbrella sexual health services, domestic abuse support, and other health appointments e.g. hospital, doctors, dentists, opticians.

– Informing you of other options you might have such as Civil Action, Criminal Injuries, Compensation Award,           self-reporting, and anonymous reporting.

Please call us, we’re happy to talk to you about other support available to you.

You can also contact the West Midlands Paediatric Sexual Assault Service (PSAS) on 0800 953 4133 (lines open 24/7)
This is a 24/7 ‘one-stop’ open service to anyone up to the age of 17 who has been the victim of rape, sexual violence and/or sexual abuse. They can offer medical examinations for forensic evidence if an assault has happened in the last 10 days.